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“Stalingrad” CDR.
11 tracks / Hand-made packaging by IT³.

“Stalingrad” CDR.

11 tracks / Hand-made packaging by IT³.

Alpha Couple are an experimental Canadian duo crafting lo-fi ambient folk and noise music that can at times feel completely angsty and schizophrenic and then completely relaxing and personal.

They like to describe their music as vulnerable and emotional and it sure is. Their debut album Stalingrad sounds and feels like just the two of them sharing intimate moments making music together while they vent their darkest thoughts through the music. It’s no surprise knowing they spent the winter in a cabin writing it.

The eleven tracks on the album range from really straight-forward indie songs à la early Bright Eyes to completely experimental mayhem reminiscent of Xiu Xiu. That’s not all that this album is made of though, all sort of crazy happens in between. Unexpected screams, weird sampling and the guest appearance of a banshee are just a few examples of what goes down here.

This is music for introverted people with a taste for darkness, Alpha Couple’s Stalingrad is as gritty and melancholic as it gets.

-Ritualz (†‡†)

Handmade CDRs by IT³ Micro Publishing & Binding. 

$10 + shipping.

alphacoupleband@gmail.com to order.